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Hello there my ghoulish friends! 
Halloween is on its way as the leaves are begining to change their colors, and I thought it would be a great time to start The Pumpkin Exchange!

If you're new to this, Every year I do a secret santa but for Halloween! I'm starting it a little earlier just so people have time to create the best art they've ever done! 
The rules are pretty simple, but if you ever have a question, feel free to note me! 

1. DO NOT POST YOUR ART AS SOON AS YOU DRAW IT! If you can, please post it on the 31st! I don't know if its a member-only thing, but if you can schedule it for the 31st of October that would be so amazing! Please don't post it after the 31st either. If something comes up or you need help with something please ask for help! My notes are always open! : ) 

2. Please draw your person's character. Don't decide halfway without telling me that you no longer want to do this. If you do decide that you don't want to do this anymore, please note me. 

3. Everyone is random. I randomly decide who gets who, but if you have a legitimate issue with the person you were assigned, please note me. 

4. DO NOT INSULT THE DRAWING YOU WERE GIVEN. Everyone's art is on different levels and if your artist is on a lower level than you, its completely fine. If you insult someone else's art, you will be banned from further Pumpkin Exchanges and Secret Santas. 

5. On the same note, try your hardest! Don't give up! Add that extra sparkle and keep going! I'm posting this this early so that all of the arts are amazing! 

6. IF you've read all the rules write "I'M SO PUMP-KIN'D" in your application

7. DON'T TELL YOUR PERSON THAT YOU ARE DRAWING THEIR CHARACTER! Its a secret, don't ruin the surprise! If you want to ask a question to your person, note me with who they are and what you want to ask and I'll do ask for you! PLEASE try to keep things as hush-hush as possible! 

8. PLEASE advertise! The more people the merrier! You don't have to link me the journal or poll, but if you mention my username I'll be aware of it. Thank you!

9. HAVE FUN!! This rule is the most important. ITS FALL! ITS HALLOWEEN! What could go wrong? Have fun!

Still interested? Good! Fill out this and I'll add you to the list! 
Prompts: [ANY IDEAS FOR WHAT YOUR ARTIST SHOULD DRAW YOU EX: I'd like to see my character as a vampire! OR I'd like to see my character trick or treating!"]

Its important to note that you only have to draw one character, but if you feel up to it you can draw as many as you want that your person provided! 

Name: cherchewit / yo call me chris or whatever you want i'm hella chill bout my name :^) 
Character: Sento ; my little boo boo she's a side OC of mine and she loves needles + neon bandages 
it'd be really cool if someone drew her as a nurse with like neon splashes or something IDK GO CRAZY WITH HER :^D
Monte ; my cat from tPL! he's a basic bitch who fluffs up whenever he's frustrated or angry ( he's a huge poofball ) 
he really doesn't like anything slimey looking so maybe you could draw him yelling at something weird C:
Vojin ; my other babe from tPL ! he's a total flower boy who's very affectionate so I'D LOVE TO SEE HIM DRAWN IN SOMETHING CUTE LIKE HOLDING A PUMPKIN OR SOMETHING an d ahh <3

Prompts: i really like warm colors i guess :^) 
but bright neon colors r also rlly cool B^) 

2. Name: Lavilovesyou or Cass
Character: So i only have four different ones. Please don't draw any of them together.
Mayu, the closest i have to a furry. She's kind and very silent. Shes not evil i swear she just looks like it
No name?, Newest character to the collection. He's a rockstar but he's also pretty rowdy!
Xander, my favorite and if you draw him I'd be pleased! He's also mischievous.
Un-named, Cyclops. She's kinda a mage aswell and can raise the undead, so if you feel comfortable please include her with skeletons in the backdrop or either the balloon.
Prompts: Please draw them in a halloween outfit. I don't care what it is just don't make the male character(s) wear anything like a dress or whatever because they wouldn't. Thanks ~

3. Name: I'm xXOffOnATangentXx but you can call me Lilly (or Glitter if you like, a few people still call me that after my old username)

Character: Alpine Flurry (the brown one) and Burnt Sienna (the purple one) - my cutsie couple, I love these two to death and it'd be awesome to see them doing something autumn-related since that was how they got their cutie marks and their current profession Tea's a little complicated but she wears a cloak a lot so a lot of her markings are covered up ^^ I'd love to see her draw mysteriously since she's a bit of a fortune teller My ponysona! Glitter Quark (GQ) is my first ever OC and she is such a dork so feel free to draw her doing any halloween-y stuff, she loves it Two little fillies who would make killer mad scientists. Ultra Violet is the black one and Distentia is the white one. Number five (FRESH OUT OF THE METAPHORICAL BOX) is Frostbite, a shy little thing. I'd love to see him in a scarf :3

Prompts: I'd prefer to see them drawn as ponies but feel free to humanise them if you don't draw ferals ^^ Nothing too gory please and please no NSFW. Costumes are great so feel free to draw any of these babs in costume! Also feel free to draw one or all of these guys, I know I linked a lot. I hope you find someone you like :) (Smile)

4. Name: NekoPieChan I can also go by PieChan or pie-chan
Character: can choose anything here… or here
Prompts: sugar!!!!!!! xD just don't make them look creepy if they are cutesy looking characters

Name: MadnessKishinAsura is my username but feel free to call me Lila, Lie, or V !

Character: One of my characters is this beautiful custom ( madnesskishinasura.deviantart.… ) He's based off on Jack Skellington from the Tim Burton movie Nightmare Before Christmas. His bandana never comes off, and he has bad teeth so they stick out. His name is Zeke and he's a sweetheart who loves to make anyone scream (with joy or terror) 
Or if you can't/don't want to draw Zeke, you could draw Crystal Beat (madnesskishinasura.deviantart.…) and Drifting Cloud (madnesskishinasura.deviantart.…) . 
OOR if you don't want to/can't draw any of those, something of 
Julius (madnesskishinasura.deviantart.…). The only thing about him is that all of the markings in that pic are accurate except the mouth ones. Julius doesn't have black spots on his upper lip, he has shark bites on his lower lip. 

Prompts: Anything spooky or vaguely Nightmare Before Christmas themed for Zeke. Costumes of any sort for Crystal Beat and Drifting Cloud. Crystal Beat and Drifting Cloud are a pair and cannot be separated. For Julius, almost literally anything is fine (even dresses and make-up. He doesn't give a damn about gender roles. ) And for all of them, mild gore is okay if you want to do that :D (Big Grin)

6. Name: powiibo or Sanho~!
Character: All information on characters are in the reference sheets~!! (i may update some soon so just look up "their name ReferenceSheet" in my gallery to be safe c'x)
Sanho Reference Sheet
Edgar ref (hates scary things~!)
Shirley ref
Prompts: For Sanho, literally anything would be fine~! Edgar would probable be being scared of some spoopy halloween things x'D and Shirley would probably be scaring people~!

Name: GayHorseMemes  or Gay, Grace, Ass
Character: Tribal by GayHorseMemes   < pretty hors and i love her an d i need art of her
                Penny (Pridesona) by GayHorseMemes   < Penny (Pansexual pridesona) and i also love her <33 shes hella special
                 Crying irl because of this by GayHorseMemes   <Persona (Literally just me as a drawing) becaus e its me and  i  love it when people draw me. Nothing specific for any of them, anything is fine <3
Prompts: Maybe them uhhhhh-- anything gory i guess

8. Name: Aria-Suna-Kunoichi Just call me Aria! ^^
Character: - Aria - Mica - CODE-0 - Pride
Aria would probably be dressed as a witch or something, messing with the elements
Mica would be scaring the hell out of kids. XD
CODE would be in a forest doing whatever
Pride would be dressed as a witch while hording candy.

Name: F4BUL0U5-S3NP41 or Gay, Nerd, Triniti
Kunzite by F4BUL0U5-S3NP41  <---My gemsona i love her omg
New Pone by F4BUL0U5-S3NP41  <---my lil qt pie hors e
Crying Angel by F4BUL0U5-S3NP41  <----persona (me af) pls ignore the angel parts frond

Kunzite dressed up like Twilight Sparkle from MLP haha
Pone dressed up like something scary pls
and my Persona like Pearl from Steven Universe pls

Name: starliitskies aka Sky :0

Character: Rune or Ivy please ovo

Prompts: I'd love to see either in a costume or maybe as a ghost!

Name: Strawberry-Spritz and you can call me Spritzy or Spritz

Character: Starving Artist (Creepypasta), Paige and Penelope (Creepypasta) More info here., Black Opal (Steven Universe) with either her two friends Tanzanite and Aquamarine or with her bae Charoite (The Purple Dude)

Prompts: Artist perhaps taking Paige and Penelope trick-or-treating. OR perhaps Black Opal carving pumpkins with Aquamarine and Tanzanite/Black Opal giggling at Charoite threatening to "suck her blood" with Charoite dressed as a vampire and Black Opal dressed as Alice in Wonderland.

Name: foxIore or reese if you'd like c:
Character: kit/hey!zacharielucas
kit - anything where he looks murderous/insane would be cool
zacharie - you can do anything with him, preferably gorey but it's totally up to you!
lucas - pretty much anything, if you want to draw him in a costume you can :0
i'm fine with anything pretty much, you have total artistic freedom with these guys

Name: MarcedesVulpine,Jay,Queen Fat ass whatever you prefer
Character: tiffie her name is tiffie she is a ghost and loves spookin people especially on Halloween
Prompts: Draw her in a cute deer costume with some candy or something being adorible >3<

Name: Kura-Kona-Kunoichi / You can just call me Kandikat. ^^


Um, well.
Anything that represents Halloween (that you think would fit either of them), that would be a lot easier! ^^
So literally anything.

Emily has a very 'I don't care about anything' attitude. Sometimes she can go a littlee bit insane~

As for Kura, she's very calm and collected. Very reserved, but kind to all. I could probably see her dressed up in a Kigurumi.. cx

Name: BaronVolkov or Ian (Ah-yan)

That is Aria, she was originally my persona, but not anymore.
She collects souls, yeah like some kind of grim reaper, but collects for her own collection of different soul types (like the tormented, the happy, etc.)
She's also a lil' cray cray.

Prompts: Make her as scary as you can. MAKE HER SPOOOOPYYYY, it doesn't
matter if you make her a witch or a zombie. OH AND HAVE FUUUN.

Name: AshsArts, Ashley, Ash, Key, that girl, you.

Character:… <-- My persona, and I love being drawn!

OR… <-- My boyfriend's OC, which I would love to throw endless love and art at. <3… <-- My main OC, Key. <3


If you decide to do Key alone, gore please! She's immortal, so keep in mind that she can't die.
If you do Toosen alone, He's a cutey pie, so make something adorable for him!
If you want, you could do Key and Toosen together, since they are a couple just as the owners are <3
If you do my persona, do whatever you'd like, I really don't care.

name : SILLY SWEETIE, also you can call me, just nicole <3
he is ender, he's kinda a frankenstain haracter <3 he gets depressed easily, is shy. but on halloween he's like the pumpink king! x'D likes to scare people around, gets so cheerful, ask for candies, loves doin' the jack-o-lanters, etc... the other info you need to know is in the pic!! 
prompts : just draw him like he's super happy that halloween is already here!! <3

Name: Toxic-Puppetmaster, call me Ru ^^

Character: -- This is Survi, they're a demon/bounty hunter c: They have most of their basic info posted in that link already ^^

Prompts: Anything, really. ^^ But something Halloween themed would be amazing!!

Name: TheGeekyNobody
Character: Options becuase who doesn't like options  Nevermore, My newest spooky bab Jack and Sally my NBC puplinks Nuro becuase he's really cool and can fit a halloween theme well Wicca, my pretty witch dog Hades the hell dog
I love all these guys so whoever you choose I'll be happy

Prompts: Be as creative as you want! My only request is that if you choose Jack and Sally to draw them together

Name: HybridOfViolet, but you can call me Jay
here's my Characters Folder, and you can choose any from there:…
but if you need specifics, here are a few characters I have fleshed out(not really):
(Terribly old art, I know >>; need to update)
-my main character/fursona
(other info in description)
-as being genderfluid, their biological sex changes w/ their gender(so as either male/female is fine)
(REALLY REALLY old art; I seriously need to start making new references)
-his reference sheet does actually p ok at describing physical things
-he's a fox I guess??? never 100% sure what my characters are anymore Sweating a little...
-"twink" would describe his personality p well to me
-I don't really have much on him
-I want to build his personality more, but that takes time
-I just have some nice art of him that I like(seen in link below)

for more references on any of my characters(mainly Hybrid tho) here's a bit of art from commissions/art trades/etc:

but seriously PLEASE feel free to choose any of my characters you see in my references folder !

Prompts: Anything is fine with me!!
Halloween-y or not, anything is a go 

Name: lazuIite // Kaii
Character: Kaii-ref my fursona, likes video games, acts/looks innocent but is really a trickster. LOVES Halloween!
Prompts: Dressed as a witch or skeleton, and/or in a haunted house (either being scared or is the one scaring) anything else is fine, those are just some ideas I like <3

Name: you1lost1the1game, Jason. 

Character: I'd love it if you could draw something with Wally West (from dc comics, So you can google him for refs haha!)
Or my OC called Mikael, he has two different eye colours. The left is red and the right is green. Brown hair and perhaps some freckles because I have a weakness. He is human, courages, funny and a little cheeky and he would do anything for his brother.

Prompts: Mikael dressed up for Halloween (/with his twin brother if you like. He has the eyes colour reversed and a little taller) or Wally! You can let your imagination go wild though, I suppose xD I just like the idea of them being all adorbs in dress up clothing in a spoopy town with bags of candy x3 

However if you wanted to do something a bit weirder and bloody, I wouldn't object to a zombie!Robin/Jason todd (from dc comics. If you type it 'jason todd lost days grave' in google images then you can see him from when he crawled his way out from it.) It looked so awesome that I wouldn't mind having more of that haha! 

If non oc's bother you and you wanted the creepier thing than I suppose you could always draw me all bloody/halloweeny? I don't have any more oc's and I rather not have Mikael in actually scary situations. The poor babe. I'm sure I could drop a picture of me via Aloebe :) (Smile) 

Thank you! :) (Smile) 

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